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603.224.2381 | | Concord, NH Sustained Excellence Since Excellence recognized by by by by our our ers peers Excellence Excellence recognized recognized by by our by our by peers our by our peers our peers Excellence recognized by our peers Robert Robert Carey S. Robert Carey S. Carey S. John Carey L. William ArnoldWilliam William L. William Peter L. L. William F. Chapman Chapman L. Chapman Burger L. Chapman Robert Jonathan S. Jonathan Jonathan Jonathan Carey Jonathan M. William Eck M. M. L. Eck Eck M. Eck M. EckJudith Judith Jonathan A. Judith M. A. A. Judith EckFairclough A. Fairclough A. Fairclough Judith Fairclough A. Ann Ann Meissner Ann Meissner Ann Meissner Ann Meissner Meissner Flood Flood Flood Flood Flood Susan Susan G. Geiger Susan S. Susan Susan Geiger S. Margaret Geiger S. Susan S. R. Geiger S. Geiger Kerouac Geiger Susan S. Geiger Robert Burger Peter S. Carey Robert F. Burger Peter S. Robert Carey William F. Burger S. Robert L. Carey Chapman William S. Robert Carey L. William Chapman S. Jonathan Carey William L. Chapman M. Jonathan L. William Eck Chapman Jonathan M. L. Judith Chapman Eck Jonathan A. M. Fairclough Judith Eck Jonathan M. A. Eck Fairclough Judith Ann M. A. Judith Meissner Eck Fairclough Ann A. Judith Fairclough Flood Meissner Ann A. Fairclough Flood Meissner Susan Ann S. Meissner Flood Geiger Susan Ann Meissner Flood S. Geiger Susan William L. Chapman Jonathan M. Eck Judith A. Fairclough Ann Meissner Flood Susan S. Geiger James James F. L. Laboe Bradford Marcia Melson Hennelly Marcia Hennelly Moran James E. MorrisE. Morris Julie R. Morse Julie Lindsay R. E. Nadeau Morse Douglas L. Patch Douglas Kelly L. L. Patch Ovitt Puc George W. Roussos W. Roussos James James Laboe F. Laboe F. Laboe Marcia Marcia Hennelly Marcia Hennelly Hennelly Moran Moran Moran James James E. James Morris E. E. Morris E. MorrisJulie Julie R. Julie Morse Julie R. R. Morse R. Morse Douglas Douglas L. Patch L. Patch L. L. Patch George George George W. Roussos W. Roussos W. George Roussos W. Roussos Margaret R. F. Kerouac Laboe James Margaret R. Kerouac F. Marcia Laboe James R. Kerouac Hennelly F. James Laboe Marcia Moran F. Hennelly Laboe James Marcia F. James Moran Hennelly Laboe Marcia E. Hennelly Morris Moran James Marcia E. Hennelly Moran Morris James Julie Moran E. James R. Morris Morse Julie E. James Morris R. Morse E. Julie Douglas Morris R. Julie Morse L. Douglas Patch R. Morse Julie L. Douglas R. Patch George Morse Douglas L. W. Patch George Roussos L. Douglas Patch W. George Roussos L. Patch Marcia Hennelly Moran James E. Morris Julie R. Morse Douglas L. Patch Tony Sayess Virginia Symmes Sheehan Laura E. Tobin Erin M. VandenBorre Lisa Snow Wade Emily A. White John M. Zaremba Virginia Symmes Sheehan Laura E. Tobin Lisa Snow Wade Virginia Virginia Symmes Virginia Symmes Symmes Sheehan Sheehan Sheehan Laura Laura Laura E. Tobin Laura E. Virginia E. Tobin Tobin E. Tobin Symmes Lisa Lisa Snow Lisa Sheehan Snow Lisa Wade Snow Snow Wade Wade Lisa Laura Wade Snow E. Tobin Wade Virginia Symmes Virginia Sheehan Symmes Virginia Sheehan Virginia Symmes Laura E. Symmes Sheehan Tobin Laura Sheehan E. Tobin Laura Lisa Snow E. Laura Tobin Lisa Wade E. Tobin Snow Lisa Wade Snow Lisa Wade Snow Lisa Wade Snow Wade Congratulations to our to to our to our seventeen colleagues for for being being for listed being for listed being listed among listed among Congratulations Congratulations to to our our Congratulations seventeen to The The Best The Best The our Congratulations to our Best Best seventeen to colleagues our twenty-five Lawyers in Lawyers to seventeen our colleagues seventeen to in in in for our for America®. colleagues being seventeen being for colleagues listed being listed for colleagues among for listed among being for among being listed listed for listed being among among listed among The The Best Best The Lawyers The Best The Best Lawyers in in The America®. Lawyers Best in The America®. Lawyers Best in America®. Lawyers in America®. in America®. Additionally, we we would would we would we like like would we to like like to to congratulate like to to congratulate Susan Susan S. S. Susan S. Geiger, S. Additionally, Julie Geiger, Additionally, Julie R. Julie Morse R. Julie we R. Morse R. Morse and R. Additionally, and Morse would Additionally, we and Lisa and Lisa Lisa Snow and like would to Additionally, Lisa Snow Lisa we congratulate like would we Wade Snow Wade Snow to would congratulate like we Wade for for being Wade to would like congratulate to congratulate like to congratulate for being for being being for selected being selected as selected as as as as Susan S. Susan Geiger, S. Susan Julie Geiger, Susan S. R. Geiger, Morse Julie S. Susan Geiger, R. and Julie Morse S. Geiger, Julie R. Morse and Lisa Snow Wade for being selected as “Lawyer “Lawyer of “Lawyer Lisa R. Julie and Morse Snow R. Morse and Lisa Snow Wade for being selected as the of of the of Year”. the the Year”. of Lisa the and Wade Snow Year”. Year”. Lisa for Wade Snow being for Wade selected being for selected being as selected as as Virginia Symmes Sheehan Laura E. Tobin Lisa “Lawyer Snow “Lawyer of Wade “Lawyer “Lawyer of the Year”. of the Year”. the Year”. of the Year”. also We also want We Additionally, also want also to want to want recognize to to recognize we “Lawyer would Nicole Nicole Nicole A. A. Nicole like of the to Forbes A. Forbes A. congratulate Year”. for Forbes for being being for being for named being Peter named “One named F. Burger, “One to “One to “One Watch”. to Watch”. to Jonathan Watch”. M. Eck, also We want also to We want recognize also We to want recognize also We Nicole to want also recognize A. to Nicole A. want Forbes recognize to A. Nicole recognize for Forbes for Nicole being A. Forbes for named Nicole A. being Forbes for A. named “One being Forbes “One for to being named “One to Watch”. for named being to “One Watch”. named “One to Watch”. to “One Watch”. to Watch”. Congratulations to Ann our Meissner seventeen Flood, colleagues Margaret Kerouac for being and listed Lisa Snow among Wade for being The Best Lawyers selected in America®. as “Lawyer of the Year.” Additionally, we would like to congratulate Geiger, Julie R. Morse and Lisa Snow Wade for being selected as Nicole A. Forbes We also Nicole Nicole A. Nicole Forbes A. Forbes Nicole A. Nicole Forbes A. Forbes Nicole A. Forbes A. Nicole Forbes A. Nicole A. Forbes “Lawyer want to Nicole Nicole of recognize A. the A. Forbes Forbes Year”. Nicole A. Forbes, Meredith Goldstein, Elizabeth Vélez and Lynnette Macomber for being to recognize Nicole A. Forbes for being named “One to Watch”. George W. Roussos 603.224.2381 603.224.2381 | | 603.224.2381 | | 603.224.2381 | | Concord, | | NH Concord, | NH NH NH | NH Concord, Sustained | Concord, Sustained Excellence NH Excellence Sustained Since Since Sustained Since 1946 1946 Excellence Since 1946 Since 603.224.2381 603.224.2381 | 603.224.2381 | | | named | Concord, NHSustained Sustained Excellence Excellence Since | | Concord, “Ones | Concord, NH Concord, NH to Watch.” NH Sustained Sustained Excellence Excellence Since Since 1946 1946 Nicole Forbes Meredith Goldstein Lynnette Macomber Elizabeth Vélez Nicole A. Forbes 603.224.2381 | | Concord, NH Sustained Excellence Since 1946

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